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Arcadia Server Rules

This page will give extra insight into what is against our rules by listing examples and explaining situations that have happened in the past. This does not mean there are more rules than the ones listed in-game. This page does not add to the list of rules, it just clarifies them.

Below each rule is a list of offenses that fall under it. Just because something is not specified here does not mean it is allowed. Use common sense when interpreting these rules. If you are unsure, open a ticket on Discord and ask for clarification.

No Cheating, hacking, exploiting bugs, duping , X-Ray, or taking unfair advantage

• This is strictly prohibited and will be strongly enforced. If you discover hackers or a bug, please notify our staff team as soon as possible.

• If you have a mod that isn't listed, please  open a ticket in our Discord for clarification, and we’ll add it to the list if we think it's appropriate. If you are detected employing any unauthorized game-changing modifications, you will be punished. (You may not utilize mods off of a hacked client).

Be civil, excessive toxicity will not be tolerated

• No excessive hate speech and or targeted harassment. We reserve the right to handle these cases on an individual basis.

• No explicit sexual harassment and solicitation of pictures.

• Don't bypass /ignore or mutes through the Discord. It'll lead to a more severe punishment.

Do not spam, advertise, or bypass the filter in chat

• Spamming, advertising, or bypassing the filter in the chat is prohibited and will result in a mute. 

No DDoS’ing, Doxxing, Hacking, or Death Treats.

• Threatening, attempting, or carrying out a DDoS attack or hack on the server or its users will result in a punishment.  Doxxing or the release of someone's personal information is also prohibited. Threatening others with DDoS'ing, Doxxing, blackmail, extortion, or death threats will be taken seriously and is punishable. Any threats to the server and its security will also be taken very seriously by the staff team and may result in a punishment.

• In instances where a preponderance amount of evidence suggests that an individual(s) is/are providing personal information about other players for the purpose of doxing, or informing potential doxxers, even when this occurs outside of the Arcadia Network, action may be taken including the permanent ban of their accounts on the Arcadia Minecraft Server and Discord server.

No Punishment Evasion

• If you attempt to evade any punishment (ban or mute) on an alt or discord, both the alt and your main account will be further punished.

No Rules Lawyering

• If your excuse for bad behavior is that it wasn’t specifically outlined in these rules, you will still be punished. 

• Forging false proof or framing will double your punishment. It is forbidden to help or keep the secrets of rule-breakers on Arcadia and it is punishable.

No IRL Trades

• It is prohibited to buy or sell in-game things for real-world items or money the only exception is trading in-game items for Donor ranks on Arcadia. If caught both parties will be punished.

No lag machines, chunk bans, or deliberate overuse of server resources.

• Any form of lag machines or chunk bans are punishable and not permitted, and will be subject to removal regardless of intent (Cobblemonsters will also be subject to removal if at spawn or main end island). 

• Overworld gold farms are allowed, but if they cause difficulties with server operation (crashes, major lag spikes, chunk errors) they may be subject to removal.

• Respect the entity limit. No mob and entity spamming. If this limit is breached your entities may begin to de-spawn and will not be recovered by the Admin Team. If this limit is breached maliciously you may be punished.

• Designing regular mechanisms in a hugely inefficient manner with the intention to cause lag to the server.

• Regarding accidental lag machines/farms, if they are making enough of an impact to be clear to the admins you will be given a warning and a request to redesign the mechanism in a way that doesn’t cause as much lag. Punishments can be issued if this warning is ignored.

No Impersonation

• Do not impersonate anyone, especially other players and staff members.

Please respect and listen to staff members

• In order to keep the server safe, staff reserve the right to add, modify and patch rules.

• The server staff are here to serve the players, and we try to constantly maintain the community. If a staff member asks you to stop what you are doing or punishes you without a warning, please respect that we are trying to maintain the status quo. Feel free to express your opinion in messages with the staff member; we are always looking for feedback, but please do not slander the server or its staff. We try to have thorough rules (as evident by all the above) but there is just no way to write down everything. We recognize that and try to update our rules as the server evolves and more issues come up. Please keep in mind that even if it isn't specifically listed here as "against the rules" the staff member reserves the right to make a judgment call to maintain the server's status quo.

Times change, and so do the rules. Finding loopholes in the rules will not help your case. Staff will handle certain situations on a case-by-case basis. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Allowed modifications:

3D Skin Layers
Advanced Chat
Advanced Tooltips
Amecs, AntiGhost

Badlion Client (FreeLook, AutoTotem, AutoText, Item Counter and Schematica must be disabled)
Better Ping Display
Better Sprinting
Boosted Brightness
Canvas Renderer
Clear Hitboxes
Cloth Config
Cull Leaves
Cull Less Leaves
Custom Fov
Don't Clear Chat History
Dynamic FPS,
Enhanced Block Entities
Fabric API
First Person Model
FreeLook Mod

Fullscreen Borderless
Gamma Utils
Giselbaers Durability
Inventory Spam
Litematica (No EasyPlace)
Low Fire
Lunar Client (FreeLook, AutoTotem, AutoText, Item Counter and Schematica must be disabled)
Map Tooltip
Mod Menu
More Culling
Mouse Tweaks
No Chat Reports
No Telemetry
Ok Zoomer
Particle Rain
Reese's Sodium Options
Roughly Enough Items
Simple HUD Utilities
'Slight' GUI Modifications
Smooth Boot
Sodium Extra
Vertical Hotbar
Viewer Light Overlay
WorldEdit CUI
Xaeros Minimap Fairplay